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Jansons is a name that has come into real prominence on the underground dance scene in the last couple of years. The established producer has engineered for artists releasing on some of the industry’s leading labels. kicking-off with an EP on Steve Lawler’s VIVa MUSiC imprint. This was followed by a collaboration with Richy Ahmed, for the first-ever release on Richy’s label, Four Thirty Two.

The DJ and producer went on to release a standout 3 track EP on Hot Since 82’s label, Knee Deep In Sound, followed by a release on Matt Tolfrey's Leftroom Records, which proved to be the label’s most popular track on Beatport. There are plenty of collaborations to come with Richy Ahmed as Lovehertz, and with Hot Creations artist Mark Jenkyns.

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Sentric Artists

Enzo Siffredi

Creator and main man of Minimal Kids & Wired, inspired and driven by the piano of Paolo Conte, Brasens’s guitar and Berlin’s underground, Enzo regards himself as an outsider.

His aim is not to adapt musically to a stereotype label or style but to remain innovative and experimental, precisely maintaining the distinctive sound that makes Enzo Siffredi so recognisable. Making his debut on Defected Records with ‘Sometimes’ reaching no.3 on Beatport’s charts & no.1 on Traxsource as well as receiving worldwide support and appreciation including a WMC nomination.

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Sentric offers you the fairest deal in the industry if you have just created your first track or are on your hundredth release. Our deal is a 28-day rolling contract and an 80/20 split of royalties in your favour - we don’t earn money unless you do.

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