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Sign up to Sentric Electronic to register, claim for, and collect royalties at the click of a button. Add your releases to our platform and we’ll register your tracks globally in over 200 territories. We monitor your income, process your royalties and increase the value of your tracks. We pay royalties directly to you, merging all of your income into one statement.



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Our simple online portal means you can add tracks and new releases to your account in seconds. We’ll then register them globally to ensure all your income is accounted for.

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Our account managers are here to help you get the most out of the service. They are here to make sure all of your releases and gigs are registered correctly.

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Performing live at club, festivals, or have a summer residency? You can backdate gigs and register ones you know you will be playing in the future.s

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Sync, exposure & live performance

Add further creative value to your tracks through our sync and other opportunities.
Apply to have your music placed on tv, adverts, films and video games.

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Royalty collection and payment

Once you've registered your tracks, live performances, broadcasts we collect the royalties generated and pay them to you directly in one simple statement each quarter.

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