26th August 2022

Track Registration: Step by Step Guide

Track Registration: Step by Step Guide

Registering tracks to Sentric Electronic’s publishing portal has never been easier with our intuitive interface, we automatically collect enhanced data using various tools to ensure we’re collecting all royalties.

Using the Spotify Plug In tool we will pre populate the track information to your account. As well as this, once a track has been added to your Spotify profile it will appear on your Sentric Electronic account as a suggestion where you can confirm and add any additional details. 

Registering tracks, splits and writers to your account in seconds, leaving you more time to focus on your music.

You can still register a track ahead of release date, you do not have to wait until the day to do so! Head to Song Titles > Title and continue to fill out the song information manually.

Why should you register your tracks?

By registering any new, old or pre-released tracks to your account, you will receive any royalties you are owed from your music when it has been: streamed, downloaded, played on the radio or used online.

Once the tracks have been added to your account, we will register them on your behalf in over 200 territories and distribute any royalties back to you.

A step-by-step guide registering a track, writer/s and splits:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. On the dashboard page, click ‘add a new song’
  3. Pull the track information from Spotify
  4. Check the track information is correct
  5. Add writer information and splits
  6. Add tracks and start claiming your royalties


Sign in to your account and register any new, existing or pre-released tracks today.