28th November 2018

Sentric Electronic’s Guide To Festival Applications 2019 Edition

By Oliver Creevy

This is the Sentric Electronic version of our guide to festival applications, to make it easier to find electronic and dance festivals to DJ at as opposed to that big long list of festivals looking for bands and singers. As exciting as it may seem, all these wonderful festivals for you lot to sink your teeth into, please consider these two points…

Can you get to the festival? 

If you get accepted to perform at a festival, great, but if you can’t get there due to travel expenses or whatever reason then it’s really not so great.


Can you actually play those dates?  

Again, it’s really great if you get your application accepted, but really really not so great if you already have plans on those dates, so please, check the diary before applying.


Good luck with all your applications and we’d love it if you let us know how you got on via our Twitter.

*This blog will be continuously updated throughout the year as more festivals open their applications. If you are a festival that wishes to be added or removed from this blog please email info@sentricmusic.com


Arctic Sounds– 18th – 22nd July – Click to apply


Liverpool Sound City– 3rd – 5th May – Click to apply


Glastonbury Festival – 26th – 30th June – Click to apply/close 4th Feb 2019


Tech-Fest– 5th – 9th July – Click to apply


Lindisfarne Festival– 29th Aug – 1st Sept – Click to apply

Electric Fields– 30th Aug – 1st Sept – Click to apply


Amsterdam Dance Event– 17th – 21st Oct – Click to apply 


Subsonic Music– 30th Nov – 2nd Dec – Click to apply