13th May 2020

Sentric Academy Fund Extended

Due to the difficulties faced by artists in the music industry at this time, we’ve extended our Academy Fund which offers to help the next generation of music creators, including electronic producers.

The fund aims to help 12 artists each year by offering a £1000 grant to aid work in the artist’s production, writing, recording, touring or marketing. This will now be doubled so that 24 artists may benefit from this initiative.

Marc Jones, Varley and Junk Drawer have already benefited from the fund, leaving 21 places available to artists over the remainder of 2020.

Submissions will be open until the end of July, available to both new and existing Sentric acts, with three artists being announced each month. Submissions will re-open in September to select the remaining acts.

“Supporting emerging artists has always been at the forefront of what we do here at Sentric and in this time of uncertainty where many acts are at risk of having their career trajectory stunted prematurely, the availability for early-career funding has taken on a renewed importance,” says our artist services manager, James Cherry.

“We launched the Academy fund to help bolster that availability and it felt only right for us to double the number of acts that we initially announced. In doing so, we hope to help some of our talented artists weather this storm and come out the other side stronger.”

If you wish to put yourself forward, log into your Sentric Electronic account and head to the Opportunities page.