1st March 2022

Introducing The Back On The Road Fund.

Introducing The Back On The Road Fund


The fund has been formed to support artists with the financial strain of touring costs and help them to get ‘back on the road’.

The Back On The Road fund is a grant of up to £500, available to Sentric Electronic artists who are going on nationwide tours, either as a headliner or supporting artist. The fund will be open between March 1st and 1st July 2022.

To apply for the funding, login to your Sentric Electronic account and head to the Opportunities page. Simply fill in the application form and submit. Reviewing of applications will take place on a bi-weekly basis, and recipients of the funding will be announced monthly.

Full terms and conditions please read here.


How long is the fund open for?
The Fund is open between the 1st March and 31st of July 2022.

How many time can I apply?
You can apply a total of 3 times. If you have been successful, you cannot reapply.

What is the funding for?
The fund is to support live sector of music, reducing the financial constraints of touring to an electronic artist.

What can I apply for?
The fund is to go towards costs which surround touring. This can be travel expenses, flight cases, insurance, necessary equipment.

Who can apply for the funding?
Any artist who has signed up through sentricmusic.com or sentricelectonic.com.

The tour has already finished, can I apply?
Unfortunately, you can only apply for upcoming tours.

Do I have to have songs added to my account?
Yes, you must have a minimum of 5 songs registered to your account.

I don’t have the confirmed tour dates, can I still apply?
The tour dates have to be confirmed to be eligible for the fund.

When will I hear back?
You will hear back within 4 weeks of your application being made.

If I am successful, how long will it take for money to be released?
The money will be released within 4 weeks of your application being confirmed successful. 

Will there be feedback available?
Due to the amount of applications we receive for the back on the road fund, unfortunately there will be no feedback available.

How much can I apply for?
Up to £500 or the equivalent.

Can I still apply if I have previously received the Sentric Academy Fund?
Unfortunately, you cannot apply if you have already received funding from Sentric Electronic.