14th April 2022

Back On The Road Fund: Application Advice

Back On The Road Fund: Application Advice

The Back On The Road fund is a SHORT application which means it is imperative to make every word count.

The main question for this fund is “Outside of the return to live music, what are you hoping to achieve with this tour and what have you put in place to help achieve this? Maximum 300 words.”

Here are a few things to consider in your answer:

  • Why are you playing in these cities?
  • Are you selling merch?
  • Are you planning on doing socials posts targeting each city?
  • Have you got a new release dropping in and around the dates?
  • Have you got a live set up which may surprise fans?
  • Are you on a support tour and how are you utilising this to expand your fan base?

The Budget is also important! Go into details of where money is being spent: is it for visa costs? Train travel? Accommodation? Towards session musicians? BE PRECISE.

The fund is supremely competitive and there are never guarantees – but to give yourself the best shot be detailed and be precise.