17th July 2019

AFEM & CI Metadata Best Practice Guide

Ever heard of metadata? Yes, but not too sure what it is? Try “the foundation of the modern digital music industry.”

AFEM and CI have put together a guide which clearly breaks-down the principles of metadata, including top tips and definitions. Sentric’s Head of Rights Management, Phil Rose, has also contributed.

Understanding the function of metadata and how it works is crucial for musicians of the digital age. It’s the key to getting tracks discovered by fans and paid by broadcasters, streaming platforms and stores. Metadata also informs artists, producers, publishers and labels who is listening, in addition to helping fight piracy.

You don’t have to be tech savvy to get and appreciate the wonders of metadata, you just have to read this guide. Honestly, if you want to make the most of the royalties you’re generating and reinforce your music career across the board, this guide is essential.

You’ll want to thank AFEM and CI.

Click here for the AFEM & CI Metadata Best Practice Guide.