12th February 2021

Academy Fund Recipients 2020

The Sentric Academy Fund was launched as a financial initiative with the aim of supporting the next generation of music makers. We are proud to announce in 2020, we awarded 25 diversely talented artists a grant of up to £1000.

We have seen the fund financially contribute to various areas of musical works, such as going towards production costs for music videos, marketing campaigns, creating merchandise, hiring recording studios, as well as purchasing new recording equipment. Overall, allowing the emerging artists to take their music to the next step.

Take a listen to the Sentric Academy Fund Spotify playlist showcasing the fund recipients from 2020.

Sentric Academy Fund Recipients 2020


A rising talent in the UK’s house and garage scene, Bkalava can be found often DJing and singing at the same time during her sets.

Gemma Dunleavy

The Dublin songwriter and producer captures attention through her traditional story telling and  experimental sound with instruments like the harp and flute.


The Birmingham MC known for her hard-hitting flow and distinctive blend of grime, 90s hip hop and jazz influences.

Marc Jones 

The Croydon rapper with impeccable flow and lyrical depth.


The Berlin-based alt-pop trio exploring melancholic themes with mesmerising melodies.

Junk Drawer

Belfast’s idiosyncratic fusion of Krautrock, post-punk and psychedelia.

Martha Hill

Observational alt-pop songwriter delivering  husky vocals, catchy hooks and socially conscious messages.

April + Vista

A duo toting a cinematic sound that whisks listeners into a world of their own.

Pet Deaths 

The London-base duo creating hypnotic celestial folk.

Low Island

The shape-shifting quartet darting between uplifting electronica and intimate ballads.


The experimental singer-songwriter and Ivor Novello Rising Star who blending her ethereal voice with sharp new sounds.


The Brighton-based 4-piece carving out explosive walls of sounds to accompany their personal and honest subjects.


Pioneers of a visceral, new brand of art-rock.


The young Baltimore phenomenon renowned for her viral freestyle videos, uncompromising lyrics and explosive attitude.


The Newcastle singer-songwriting and producer creating enveloping musical textures at every level.


The Glaswegian three-piece delivering angular alt-rock fused with deep electronic groove.


Ivor Novello Nominee creating contemporary soul music and new Nile Rodgers mentee.


The Nottingham MC is known for his distinctive style and infective grime sound.

Tilly Valentine

Recognised for her playful and conversational lyrics, Tilly effortlessly reveals jazz and trip hop influences through her soulful sounds.

Goan Dogs

Goan Dogs bring their own brand of warped guitar pop, laced with infectious hooks and irresistible grooves.

Chloe Foy

Chloe’s unique talent lies in emotionally direct songwriting, creating delicate yet intense atmospheres.

Alyshah Monroe

Recognised for her effortlessly distinctive voice and creativity.

Team Picture

Leeds-based six piece Team Picture have forged their own path by dissecting the automation of creativity in art pop.

Luke Burr

Soul singer Luke Burr is known for his effortless gritty croon dances upon his minimal compositions.


Dublin multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Kynsy has the ability to experiment, pushing her own boundaries and avoids being pigeonholed to any one genre.


The Academy Fund for 2021 is now open, the first round of the fund closes at the end of February.