If your music has been sold or streamed on Beatport then you can have your publishing income paid directly to you by taking a few minutes to set up an online account and registering your tracks. Please use the link below.
If you wish to discuss a longer-term publishing agreement please email publishing@beatport.com


Why Do You Need a Publisher?


So you can have more time and money and access to opportunities 

Inherent challenges in registering copyrights lead to missing out on vital income from downloads, streams, broadcast and live plays. Gain more time to work on new tracks.

You also get access to our award winning sync and creative team to give you access to further opportunities. 




Beatport Publishing royalties paid directly to you

Mechanical royalties from Beatport downloads and streams are paid directly to you every 3 months, making payments faster and more accurate.

Beatport Direct is only available through Sentric Electronic. You can benefit from Beatport Direct whether you are an artist or label.


Tired of Registering Your Tracks Yourself?


Less admin and more time to work on your music

Registering your tracks with your local PRO does not necessarily mean your tracks are registered correctly. We register your tracks in over 200 territories worldwide.

All you need to do is provide track names, splits and mp3s through an easy to operate online account.


What is the Deal?


Artist friendly deal terms give you full control


Online Service

28 day rolling contract

Try – it’s non exclusive

Keep 100% of your copyright

You receive 80% of the royalties collected, no sign up fee

Bespoke Deals on request. This includes Label deals as well.


Client Liaison Team


People on point to handle your questions and create connections


Client Liaison to oversee your on-boarding

Have a 121 with the team to get your questions answered

On hand to ensure your account is up-to-date

The main point of contact between you, Creative, Sync and Rights Team

Additional Information


Multi rights, multi client, multi service


We work with Producers, Writers, Labels and Managers.

We handle Performing, Mechanical and Neighbouring Rights.

Every client receives a tailored Creative offering matched to their needs.

Access to an award winning sync team