The Beatport partnership with Sentric Electronic is a simple, fair and flexible deal designed to return your publishing royalties faster than ever before.

If your music has been sold or streamed on Beatport then you can have your publishing income paid directly to you by taking a few minutes to set up an online account and registering your tracks. Please use the link below.

By signing up, your tracks will be registered in over 120 territories worldwide to ensure you receive all the publishing royalties generated when your music has been sold, streamed, broadcast, or played out.

  • You retain 100% of your copyright
  • You receive 80% of the royalties collected, with no signup fee
  • Your Beatport publishing royalties paid directly to you, quarterly
  • You can cancel with just 28 days notice

If you wish to discuss a longer-term publishing agreement please email

Step 1

Create Your Account.


Hit the ‘Join Sentric Today’ button below and create your free account.

Step 2

Add Your Tracks.


Add five or more tracks to your account to unlock our full publishing platform.

Step 3

Meet The Team.


The artist services team are on hand to support with any queries you may have and guide you through set up.